Cristina’s Crowns is back for the 2017 L.A. Screenings

Cristina's Content Crowns

Our Content Director, Cristina Clavera has touched down in California for the 2017 L.A. Screenings. Each year she gives us her top content picks from each of the studios to give us a flavour of what’s to come from Hollywood.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the L.A. Screenings are the most important event for the global television industry. For almost 2 weeks every May, more than 1,500 top-level TV program buyers from all over the world travel to LA for the event. Each studio will show the pilot episodes of the shows that will premiere next season, with the aim of selling the international broadcast and distribution rights for these shows.

Each day throughout the screenings, which started today, Cristina will give us her top pick or ‘crown’ of the day which we will share on Twitter and Facebook.

Last year one of Cristina’s top picks was This is Us and we all know how well that turned out! Here’s a list of her other picks from 2016:

American Gothic, CBS
Cristina’s first Crown went to CBS’ American Gothic which the team described as:

“Intrigue and power in a catchy pilot!” Watch the pilot and get in touch to find out more.

My So Called Wife, NBCUniversal
NBCUniversal’s My So Called Wife received the Crown for Day 2. It was described as:

“Well cast, entertaining and fun. An enjoyable watch.”

Lethal Weapon, Warner Bros.
We saw lot’s of really great shows at the LA Screenings on day 3. It was tough picking just one, but Cristina has awarded her crown to Warner Bros’ Lethal Weapon. She described it:

“Good fun. Excellent chemistry between the characters. Fans of the original movies will not be disappointed.”

Start Up, Sony Pictures
Day 4 was all about Sony Pictures for the LA Screenings. We were excited to see re-makes of iconic movies coming out of Sony in the next few months. When it comes to series’ though Cristina’s Crown definitely went to Start Up.

“Gripping and original storyline that will resonate with millennials… and watching Martin Freeman is always a plus!”

This Is Us, Fox
Cristina awarded her final Crown for 2016 to Fox’s This is Us which she described as:

“Refreshing plot with an unexpected twist at the end of the pilot. Can’t wait to see what the writer’ have in store.”