Cristina Crowns her L.A. Screenings Winners

Baywatch Party, L.A. Screenings

For the last couple of weeks, our Content Director Cristina Clavera and the Grey Juice Lab team have been in Hollywood for the 2017 L.A. Screenings. For almost two weeks, we’ve diligently gone from studio to studio to find some of the most exciting content Hollywood has to offer.

Each day Cristina picked her favourite programme to crown. We’ve been sharing them on our Twitter and Facebook, but in case you missed it, here’s our 2017 L.A. Screenings round-up.

The Gifted, 20th Century Fox Latin Day
“It totally immerses you in the X-Men universe. You feel like you’re actually on the run with the unique characters.”
Based on Marvel’s X-Men series, this TV show is a spin-off from the movies, and follows 2 ordinary parents who take their kids on the run after they start showing mutant abilities. Check out the trailer.

Baywatch, Paramount
“Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron make an explosive pair.”
Based on the 1989 television series of the same name, Baywatch sees the return of red swimsuits and slow-mo beach running shots to the big screen. See for yourself in the trailer.

“A fresh, funny and engaging comedy with characters and situations that will remind us of our own families.”
Loosely based on the lives of real life couple Mark Feuerstein and Dana Klein, this new sit-com follows the hilarious, ugly and real moments when you’re neighbours with your parents and married brother. Catch a sneak peak on the CBS website.

A.P. BIO, NBCUniversal
“Hard to choose today but the crown goes to this comedy for its originality, witty dialogue and hilarious scenes.”
From the writers of Saturday Night Live, comes a new comedy that’s not really about A.P. Biology. Keep an eye out here for more news.

There was lots of great content from NBCUniversal, and Cristina also gave kudos to The Brave and The Sinner.

Young Sheldon, Warner Bros.
“It was so funny. You can really imagine Sheldon being exactly like that as a kid.”
Bazinga! Everyone’s favourite character and lovable nerd Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory gets his own TV show. Check out mini-sheldon in this first-look trailer.

The Good Doctor, Sony Pictures 
“Great Performance by Freddie Highmore. It’s very touching and emotional.”
This remake of the highly acclaimed Korean drama follows the story of a paediatric surgeon with Asperger syndrome. The series is set to air late summer, and in the meanwhile watch the trailer here.

The Crossing, Disney
“Intriguing. We’ve seen similar storylines before, but this one grabs you and leaves you wanting more.”
Full of drama, emotions and mystery the pilot has set the groundwork for what promises to be an exciting series. Check out the trailer, and see for yourself.

If you’re wondering what our picks from last year’s L.A. Screenings were, and how they’ve done, make sure to check them out here.