Election Night – Digital Ready for Prime Time

By Mihai Crasneanu, CEO

To dissipate that bitter what-the-hell-happened-last-night feeling that 49% of the Americans and probably 80% of the planet is experiencing right now, nothing better than looking at some hard, emotionless figures about the explosion of live streaming, and election night is a great theatre for that:

  • – Akamai registered peaks at 7.5 Tbps, a world record (previous one was the Euro 2016 finals this summer at 7.3 Tbps). Compare that to 1.1 Tbps peak of 2009 with the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama
  • – CNN Digital registered 2.34 million concurrent viewers, for a total of 27.7 million streams over the entire night

(source: Variety)

For a technology that many still qualify as not suitable for massive broadcast, it’s quite mind blowing I must say. Give it a couple of more years and you won’t tell the difference between traditional and digital, online “broadcast’. Which shows that OTT and streaming media are more than ready for prime time – literally.

Oh, and traditional, non-streamed TV audiences were down by 9% compared to election night 2012. Which shows not so much a transition as a diffusion towards other ways to watch content on connected devices.