Meet us at Social TV World Summit

Grey Juice Lab is heading to the Social TV World Summit in London later this month (22-23 May), to discuss the evolution of social TV and how it is changing the way we consume content. The conference will bring together major international broadcasters, brands and telcos across Europe to discuss key issues including innovations in the social TV space, the integration with the second screen, the future of the user experience and privacy and security.

Social media is fast becoming a core component of the industry and companies are seeking new ways to incorporate social elements into their business models in order to keep the TV experience interactive, personalised and engaging. Social media will play a key role in helping consumers discover new content, especially as the amount of available content continues to grow, and Grey Juice Lab is working with VoD and OTT operators to respond to these trends.

To hear more from Grey Juice Lab, CEO Mihai Crasneanu will be contributing to the following sessions at the show:

Wednesday 23rd May

10:10 Presentation title: ‘Can social media re-linearise TV’

12:00 Panel Discussion: Will Social TV overcome Piracy Challenges

-Does a social TV platform have the same identity management challenges as social media networks?

-Can the companion screen be personalized?

-What are the key challenges around identity management?

-Is the data secure?